After wrapping up my last performance/comedy “Set for Life”, I travelled to England. One reason for this trip was to visit Banky’s Dismaland bemusement park. The popularity of Dismaland, a five week-long installation, was and remains pretty widespread. The show’s popularity created day-long line-ups, with crowds often left unable to visit regardless of their time spent in line. Motivated by the fact that a line this large is it’s own part of the Dismaland experience, I used some of my lottery winnings from “Set for Life” to create crappy Dismaland T-shirts. These shirts didn’t advertise Dismaland, the show had it’s own merchandise, so much as they advertised having been a part of the Dismaland line-up. Much of the look of Dismaland is based on finding the comedy in crappy aesthetics, whether they are objects, concepts or political realities. I decided that the worse these shirts looked, the better they would sell. I made twelve shirts, intending to sell them throughout my wait in the Dismaland line. They sold in under an hour. 

While the buyers have asked to not be named, these shirts have made their ways into the hands of U.K. gallery owners, Spanish art critics and Japanese art students, to name a few. 

This was a fun hustle. I’m definitely doing more.